Friday, January 29, 2016

Finding A Way...

Red Onion, 6 x 6 oil on canvas

It' been a while since I've posted. Work has been my focus...that and trying to find my way through methods to teach others and myself. Classes have started back for me and my students and I could not be happier. They may never know how much their desire to pick up charcoal and a brush lift my spirits. 

As I strive to find ways to communicate practices to each of them, I'm reminded of things that I work to improve my skill set. Not only that, but every session pushes my communication skills and gives me insight into teaching, or sharing ideas.

Red Onion was a fun morning sketch and taught me more than I can say...this small work pushed me. I hit a wall or three and am better for it. I've posted this on Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge for today - I'm behind here as well. More information on all the artists participating here

Here's my set up by my usual window in my home studio, plus the brief color chart I did half way through my struggle to figure out the fresh colors I was looking for. The time was well spent and I came back with a fresh eye and new perspective. Breaks mixed with persistence work well toward helping me find my way. May you all find yours today. Thanks for stopping by and I welcome you to visit me at
Peace and Health All - 

Red Onion Set Up

Tinting Chart

Blue & White Umbrella

On Point, Gesture Sketch in ink

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Morning Stretch...and Sketch

This past Saturday was the start up class for charcoal instruction I do at the Cobb Marietta Museum in Marietta GA. I enjoy these sessions and learn so much from everyone. Being in my own head as I work is one thing, but trying to explain a thought process is an entirely different skill set - one that I'm learning step by step, and set up by set up.

One of the new students explained to the group that she went to school for Art, but as student loans kicked in, she turned to the corporate world to help pay down debt. I can understand the need for this, and fully appreciate the idea of making money to cover bills. This student went on to say that she felt she has lost all ability to create drawings or paintings. To my mind, her skill is not lost. It just requires exercise...much like our muscles need daily work to stay fit and ready to move, lift and stretch, our capacity to paint and draw benefits from practice and challenge; or going beyond what we have done before.

Morning Set Up for Twenty Minute Sketch

Morning Stretch and Sketch

Previous Morning Stretch and Sketch

Fifteen Minute Sketch
Thirty Minute Sketch

My daily painting as I continue my series of Rainy Night Scenes. This is also my post for Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days. More information here

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Light Rain and Cafe

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back to Work...Sketches in Oil

Rainy Night Sketch, 6 x 6 oil on canva
My time has been somewhat diverted the past week, or three months. I was honored to curate and show with four very thoughtful artists this past Friday night at OTP Gallery in Marietta GA. What a gift...because first of all I've never curated a show before, so the knowledge I gained from this experience is invaluable. In addition to this, the four other artists featured in this show are not only skilled, their work really moves me. It was a delight to explore process with them and learn from their ideas.

Which leads me to my desire to create a series of night scenes that features rain, mist, fog and all other wet climates. :)

I've been doing these for a few months now. I live by a peninsula of Lake Allatoona in Northwest GA. According to conversation I've had with some lately, I've become the woman who paints from the back of her car. Little do these folks realize, I've always been this...:) The painting shown above should correlate with day seventeen of Leslie Saeta's 30 n 30 challenge. I'm behind with this one, but enjoying the posting process when I have time. More information here

We artists just find a way to paint; no matter the space, climate or time of day. I know that for me, it is a necessary action or reaction to daily life. Whether they get posted everyday, three times a week, or whatever, painting and drawing is very much an integral part of my regimen. Yesterday was great because my charcoal sessions started back at the museum in Marietta. I love this time with other minds...the activity, conversation, exchange of's great because I live in a bubble much of the time. In truth, I learn so much. :)

Here, at work, are the artists that I asked to participate in the show that opened Friday night. We each worked very hard to make this happen. I did share this process on Facebook, but it bears repeating here. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I took pleasure in coordinating this show. When everything was hung, it was such a proud moment for each of us.

April Marten in studio

DeAnna Headrick at work in studio

Gabrielle Perry at work in studio

Jessica Killpack at work in studio

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Showing Our Work...



End of the Day, Oil on 6 x 8 canvas

I think it's safe to say that each of us is consistently looking for ways to get our work from easel, or studio into the public eye and into the hands of collectors. I am always interested in getting out there, and work to embrace everything...we never know what the next opportunity will provide; a space first of all, but there are contacts, avenues of social media to explore, the chance to demonstrate technique and lookers can often return to become potential buyers.

This Friday opens a new show at OTP Gallery/MarketPlace 120 in Marietta GA. I am honored to share this space for a while with April Marten, DeAnna Lauren Headrick, Gabrielle Perry and Jessica Killpack. It's my first time curating and I have learned so much in a short time. In truth, this event has helped me focus on those things that I struggle with even more than a blank canvas - marketing.

Last week I plotted out ideas for marketing locally and on social media. Many have come to be helpful toward getting the word out about the show. Flyers with show dates and images allowed me to economically distribute information to local businesses in the area of the Marietta Square. I was able to network with those I already knew and made new business contacts along the way. Some retailers like The Marietta Wine Market asked for a digital copy of the flyer to include in their newsletter. I just walked in with my flyer and business cards, then started up a brief conversation with Karen minutes or so was all I spent in store. Much of that time was used to answer questions the customers had about the event. They asked for flyers and my business card, I gave them a quick version of the show and the work that would be on display. An hour of my time was all it took to distribute 50 flyers.

So, this week alongside my usual posts, I'll work to feature one of these thoughtful artists for a closer look at daily routine. April Marten begins the week; a portrait in studio - you can visit her website here 

Now let's get out there and show some work - embrace it all. Peace and Health everyone and thanks for stopping by - Please visit me at

April Marten at work

"Altar Book," 2015, April Marten

Show Dates -

January 15 - March 3 2016
Please join us - opening reception
Friday January 15, 5 - 10 pm
First Friday Reception
Friday, February 5, 5 - 10 pm

OTP Gallery at MarketPlace 120
562 Wylie Road SE, Suite 24 Marietta GA 30067