Wednesday, December 28, 2016



As I talk with people about making art, many
Light and Shadow with Basic Forms - Bottle with Onions
comment on the difficulty involved with the
process of drawing or painting. They often
bring up how hard it can be to begin a
work. I don't disagree.

Seeing is the thing...or shifting to another way of seeing objects gives us the visual knowledge or language to break down shape and form.

Lighting helps us to illuminate objects and gives us information to shape the illusion of mass or volume. Of course good lighting also works to create mood which can add a great deal to any drawing or painting.

Paint Tubes in Light and Shadow

Roosters, oil on primed panel 

Getting back to the act of seeing or the idea of perception...the question is what do you see? A vase...two figures...both? I remember these exercises from school, and the truth of course, is they are meant to induce mental conflict. It forced me to problem solve; to decide not to name the forms and do the work of looking at shape and form; positive space versus negative space and do the work.

Vases and Faces - Exercise for left right brain 

If I'm truthful each time I set out to draw or paint, this process takes place and I'm forced to look at the simple shape and form, light and shadow, line and lack there of to create a work. The encouraging idea is that I get more and more comfortable with every work, and am able to get to that place of seeing things in terms of the basics...the simplicity. Thank goodness :)

Sketches in ink and charcoal - thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!

Peace and Health All