Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Finds from the Garden...


Wildflowers with Citrus, 11 x 14 oil on canvas
 The garden blooms have been fading the past weeks so I've tried to take advantage of the last of these with set ups in the morning. I enjoy the exploration of color and shape. I'm looking forward to fall of course, but I'll miss these lovelies.

 Included below are progression shots of a nest study in charcoal. I found this one on the ground last fall. We are fortunate to have so many birds - I love them all over the yard. Their nests fall from the trees later in the year and I bring them inside to study. The weaving of these structures amazes and confounds me. 

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Peace and Health...
Small Blue Vase with Citrus, 9 x 12 oil on canvas


Nest block in with vine charcoal - keeping it loose to get the flow and shape

Pushing charcoal around and lifting with eraser, fingertips, side of my hand

Squinting my eyes to pick out light and dark values - darkening values in areas

Getting closer, adding more detail, lifting with eraser

Finished study -


Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Sketches...

The summer months are almost gone now...school is back in session and I'm looking forward to Fall. Already I'm seeing evidence of leaves on the ground due to a less rainy season these past few months. I walk our dogs before seven each morning and fallen leaves are all over areas of the park grounds. Yesterday evening I cut grass and mulched a bunch of dried leaves. We do seem to be catching up here in Woodstock, Georgia as thunderstorms return to the area in greater frequency these days. Although I would not trade my sketch times out for anything, I'm glad to see the rain - we need it and watercolor has always worked for me. :)

Beach Accessories Study 8 x 8, Make A Splash Series
 I worked on these from the beaches around our area. They are great fun and a real learning experience. In the coming weeks I plan to translate these small works, 8 x 8 and
6 x 6 studies, onto 24 x 24 size canvas. I'll include more sand and water, but am looking forward to playing with abstractions and exploring these color palettes on a larger scale.

The small painting of work men was done on a random outing one day. There was a traffic jam so I pulled off the road and painted from my car under the shade of a tree for a half hour or so. The flow of traffic was better afterward and I had a new small work to show for the time....better than the frustration of stand still traffic any day. :)

Lastly I am posting two still life works with fresh produce. We get weekly veg and such from local farmers - always grateful for this - I also enjoy our own garden and the harvest from family now and then. Yes...I am thankful.  
Thanks for looking and enjoy the remainder of the summer. I welcome you to visit me at donnashiver.com 

Happy Fall everyone...

Peace and Health...

Perfect Onesie Study 6 x 6, Make A Splash Series

Active Wear Study, 6 x 6 Make A Splash Series
Red Dress and Cap Study, 8 x 8 Make A Splash Series
Work Men, 8 x 8 oil

Produce Day 8 x 10 oil on canvas
- oranges from my mother in law's tree

Vine Ripe with Salt Keeper, 8 x 8 oil on primed paper