Sunday, March 13, 2016

In the Details...

With Friends, 12 x 12 oil on canvas
For me, details are a matter of how an
individual sees things. This is why I often find it difficult to respond to those who ask if I'm concerned with the specifics of an object. My answer is yes and no because I largely rely upon mass and the space that surrounds objects as direction when I draw or paint. I love line, but it is those patterns of light and shadow, plus volume and form that go such a long way toward helping me figure out the object before me.

In painting, I strive to create accurate color notes over recreating every detail. Although I don't always get there, that is my intent. Plane changes often mean a color change, and if I see a color change, it prompts me to look for a plane change. To my mind, one sort of informs the other; a good thing. :)

This study for Red Bowl was a fun challenge. I had an unexpected interruption about half way through, and it was hard getting back to my original process; one reason, I prefer to work straight through a study if possible. The characteristics of the markings on the bowl were my focus, but as it turned out I really enjoyed those garlic bulbs. All this said, I'll work another study and be more aware of what detail is necessary, and what can be left out because of this practice. After all life happens and that's okay. These daily works are often about bits of my day and include leftover food items from breakfast, or things I'm looking to use for dinner.

Study for Red Bowl, 12 x 16 oil on canvas

From my sketch book; charcoals on paper. I love the form and movement that is dance...

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